Our Team

Louise Littler


Louise lives with her husband and two children on a dairy farm in the northwest of England. In summer 2013 her youngest child was diagnosed with FPIES, IgE and Non-IgE meditated food allergies. In September 2013 she founded the Facebook group FPIES UK. The aim of the group was to offer much needed support to families dealing with FPIES. The support group grew and the charity was formed

Tory Wenyon

Founder & Trustee

I live on the South Coast with my partner Sean and our five year old son Cobie. Cobie was diagnosed with FPIES when he was two and half. I had to give up the job I love as a Special Needs Teaching Assistant as Cobie's care needs increased. He has just started school now so I am slowly returning to work which I'm very excited about.

When Cobie was diagnosed with FPIES I was relieved to finally have answers for his condition but also felt very lost and alone as there was hardly any information to support us with our journey. Thankfully I came across the FPIES UK Facebook page. Through this I became a trustee for FPIES UK and I'm looking forward to raising much needed awareness about this condition whilst trying to help and support other families.

Becky Akid

Secretary & Trustee

I'm new!

Information to follow


In addition to our trustees we are grateful to our treasurer Elaine Kerrigan and committee members Kelly Howes and Emma Butler.

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