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FPIES UK Facebook Support Group

What Facebook group members can do:

  • Provide support 
  • Share personal experiences
  • Help raise awareness
  • Offer advice on where to get help and Information
  • Recommend doctors, dietitians, health visitors and GP's who have been supportive
  • Offer advice on coping with social situations
  • Provide recipes and product ideas suitable for those with particular dietary restrictions
  • Suggest ideas for fundraising and awareness campaigning


What members cannot do:

  • Share ANY information that is posted on the group outside of the group
  • Give medical advice for any health condition
  • Diagnose your child
  • Comment on your doctor's competency
  • Provide individual dietary recommendations
  • Provide ANY advice on medications or doses including prescription formulas

We are a friendly, supportive community who deal with severe non-IgE allergies and their affects on a daily basis. It is important for those families dealing with FPIES to know they are not alone. You do not need an FPIES diagnosis to join and our 200+ members are always happy to help. The facebook group is a community run by parents for parents, any views shared on the group are not those of FPIES UK. All official FPIES UK information is found here on this website. We do not take responsiblity for any advice given within the group. If you wish to come and join the FPIES UK community you can  Find us here


Please remember that whilst the group is a closed Facebook group it is impossible for us to police all members and thus we are unable to say who will be able to view any information posted there. Also as it is a Facebook group there are no screen names as with other forums.

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