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If your child has ever been violently ill and lethargic after drinking formula or eating food(s) such as baby cereal, sweet potato or chicken, FPIES (pronounced f-pies) may be the cause.
Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome (FPIES) is the most severe type of delayed food allergy and most commonly affects babies and young children. Infants with FPIES typically vomit profusely 30 minutes- 6 hours after eating the problem food and may become lethargic or sleepy. Some babies can develop low blood pressure. Around 20% become extremely unwell and experience symptoms of shock, requiring hospitalisation.

It is reassuring to know from the outset, that FPIES whilst being a potentially severe condition is outgrown by most children by age 5. It is unfortunate that most GP's and many consultants in the UK are not familiar with FPIES. For that reason FPIES UK was set up to help educate parents and increase awareness within the medical community.


Note: If you are a teenager or adult who vomits profusely and becomes dizzy and lethargic after eating seafood, you too could have FPIES. Unfortunately the condition may be lifelong for those adults who are affected but unlike IgE mediated shellfish and fish allergy there have been no reported FPIES fatalities.


Please take time to read the information on this site and have a look at the stories of others. Hopefully the information on the site can go some way to helping you find the help and support your child needs.

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DISCLAIMER: FPIES UK is a support, education and awareness resource. Information placed here is not intended to be taken as medical advice. This website is not intended to be a substitute for medical care. Always consult a doctor or dietitian for individual advice, diagnosis and treatment.

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