A new study into FPIES has been launched by the British Paediatric Surveilance unit it aims to:


▪ Estimate the incidence of FPIES in children in the UK and Ireland

▪ Describe the demographic features of children with FPIES

▪ Describe the implied food trigger(s)

▪ Describe the current management practices and patient journey for children presenting with FPIES


BPSU surveillance will be undertaken in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland for 13 months commencing in January 2019.


All cases meeting the criteria below must be reported to the BPSU.


Case definition:

1. An infant under 24 months at time of initial FPIES reaction where there was a history of

2. Repeated episodes of vomiting presenting within 4 hours after eating, where

3. Removal of this food resulted in resolution of symptoms


• Fever >38°C

• Any cutaneous symptoms (urticaria, angioedema)

Respiratory features (difficulty in breathing/talking, swelling of tongue, tight throat/hoarse voice, wheeze and/or persistent cough)

• Other causes such as confirmed sepsis, an acute abdomen, gastroenteritis or cyclical vomiting syndrome.


Reporting Instructions:


Please report any child seen in the last month who meets the case definition in the UK or the Republic of Ireland from January 2019. Website: 

Information for Healthcare Professionals

We have information packs suitable for hospitals, GP's surgeries and health visitors (no funding from formula manufacturers) available to download or in print. These packs give an overview of FPIES and it's common presenting signs, and include a sheet specifically designed for children featuring our FPIES UK bear Frankie. 


Should you require any further reading please see the latest in FPIES research and information links below.


Please contact us at shoud you require any more information.


Information packs available to download

Video of a typical FPIES reaction. With permission from Jack's mum, Mandy Smith.


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